What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete floors are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial areas and are flexible enough to be ideal for anything from warehouses and parking garages to hotels, showrooms and shopping malls.

Here at Bendigo Polished Concrete we use Australia's leading brand of polished concrete systems - Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR.

Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR is a revolutionary flooring concept for the grinding and polishing of old and new concrete floors. Husqvarna has combined advancements in planetary floor grinders, floor treatment products and the latest resin diamond technologies to create a system whereby new and old concrete floors can be transformed into highly abrasion-resistant, incredibly dense, smooth and visually appealing surfaces.

Download a PDF on more details on the HiPERFLOOR system and why it works.

Concrete Polishing Finishing Options

Concrete polishing can be finished from a matt to high gloss appearance depending on the customers preference. Materials added to the concrete are uncovered to a low or high exposure depending on the desired outcome. Once ground, polished and sealed the unique underlying concrete is revealed in a hard wearing, practical and beautiful floor. See our portfolio for examples finished floors

Repair of Rain & Hail Damage

Over time outdoor concrete can start to look shabby and sustain damage from rain and hail. Uncovered and newly poured concrete slabs may also receive rain and hail damage and need repair before the planned flooring can go ahead.

We can bring your concrete back to new without compromising the quality of your concrete in minimal time with minimal cost.

Floor Leveling

Got floor run off you do not want? Slightly differing heights between new and old slabs? If so we can help by grinding back your concrete and filling low areas.