Film Coatings

Film coatings are a coating applied to the top of concrete to create a dustless gloss finish where the coating becomes the wearing surface of the floor. We use a gloss finish polyurethane for internal floors. We recommend the use of a UV stable coating system for outdoor areas which also have greater slip resisteance.

Film coatings can be separated into two main categories, clear coatings and coloured coatings. Clear coatings are often referred to as polished concrete.

Clear Film Coatings

Clear film coatings provide a clear gloss finish revealing the underlying concrete. The concrete can be ground before applying the coating to expose aggregate or other materials giving a unique colour and texture to the floor. Clear coatings are also applied to floors which have been acid stained.

Coloured Film Coatings

Coloured film coatings cover the underlying concrete and can include options such as paint, paint flakes, stone blends and crushed granite. This can be a good option for an older or unsightly concrete floor where the customer wants to hide the appearance of the underlying concrete.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Reapplication of the coating is required periodically to maintain the gloss finish and repair wear on the surface. This reapplication needs to be applied to the entire floor surface at one time to ensure continuity of the finish. Depending on the level of traffic the floor is exposed to and coating used the lifespan of a film coating is two to five years. It is also important to note that when reapplication of the coating is applied the entire area is required to be traffic free for a period of seven days while the surface cures.

Cleaning is simple and is as follows:
  • Spills should be cleaned from the surface when they occur
  • Areas where heavy soiling has occurred will require localised cleaning prior to cleaning the entire floor surface
  • If detergent is desired to clean the floor surface a PH Neutral solution should be used and applied with a mop and bucket of water
  • Always rinse the floor with clean water after applying and cleaner