Concrete Grinding

Need to expose some aggregate in your concrete or require some height to be taken off a slab? Smoothen & flatten rough concrete floors? Mechanically key the concrete for coating adhesion?

This may be required for the following reasons:
  • Floor is too rough for foot or forklift traffic
  • Floor is too rough or too smooth for application of epoxy coating
  • Floor is too rough or too smooth for installation of floor covering (e.g: Carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl floor etc.)

We provide a wide range of concrete grinding services upon request.

Coating & Glue Removal

Building or renovating can result in unwanted products on your concrete. We can remove residual floor adhesives and glue, ceramic tile adhesive, floor sealers and more.

Repair of Rain & Hail Damage

Over time outdoor concrete can start to look shabby and sustain damage from rain and hail. Uncovered and newly poured concrete slabs may also receive rain and hail damage and need repair before the planned flooring can go ahead.

We can bring your concrete back to new without compromising the quality of your concrete in minimal time with minimal cost.

Floor Leveling

Got floor run off you do not want? Slightly differing heights between new and old slabs? If so we can help by grinding back your concrete and filling low areas.